We had already named the downstairs floor of our Old Club (the original World Headquarters we used to have in Marlborough Crescent), the Muhammad Ali Cafe, as a tribute to the Champ.

The idea that a little known story about Muhammad might have gone untold if we didn’t help out, was not an option for us. We love Muhammad & have loved him all our lives.

He has been such a strong, positive influence on us & many people like us, all over the world, for his whole life.

So if we could assist Bridge & Tunnel to fund the making of this documentary about him, we were certainly well up for it.

We always try to help out any artists we can, if we are asked, as we think art matters. Tina, who was the film’s director, made a really big impression on us when we met.

We took an instant liking to her, as we could see she was into the same kind of stuff as us & felt about Muhammad as we did.

She loved him too & we could tell that, just from the way she spoke about the project.

We were not like loaded & just giving money away or anything, but we had such a strong feeling about this idea & all the personalities that were involved, that we were hooked after that first meeting. So we scuttled about, to try to put what cash we could muster, together for them.

When it came time for them to go over to Chicago to film the footage, we went along too & helped humping a bit of the filming gear.