We’d never been to America before, so it was quite an adventure.

We had really bad flu when we were there so much of the trip is now a bit of a blur.

We met Hana Ali, who was really inspirational & we really connected with her as well.


We hoped we might get to meet Muhammad, but he wasn’t in Chicago at the time we were there, so that didn’t come off for us. We went to his ranch though, which was cool.

Muhammad was aware of the film & Tina went back over again, at a later date & she met Muhammad & hooked him up with a copy.

Now some years later, Tina’s film company Bridge & Tunnel are now based on the 4th Floor of Curtis Mayfield House & it was Muhammad that brought us together.

Tina was nominated for a BAFTA award in 2013 & you can read all about that, over in the Curtis Mayfield House section.