8. Changes Downstairs


Everything basically…

We have now performed some very major surgery down there, installing a load more Void kit, so that everything we now use anywhere in the Club is manufactured & designed by Void.

There’s a load more bass at the back of the room & the odd dead spots we were all noticing in certain places, have been eliminated by a total system re-tune that honestly, sounds like it was done by angels…

The sound down there is now so totally complete & absolutely dope it will simply astound you..!

It’s absolutely on a par with the upstairs now & has been tweaked, re tweaked, twiddled with & stroked to near infinity, to ensure that it is now absolute, total perfection.

There’s pure, liquid bass, absolute clarity of the high frequencies & a mid kick that is the absolute bomb.

Then add in the re-tune (& in reality total system re-boot) with all the new Void speakers & amps & it just marries all aspects, into one very, very beautiful thing…

It’s absolutely like dancing inside a massive pair, of the highest possible quality headphones.

We do realise readers, that we may seem to be leaning toward overusing the word ‘absolutely..?’ But we can assure you now, that we are not.

This chums, actually is, the Absolute Soundsystem.

It takes a lot to please us as we’ve been in the game so long & our expectations are so high, but we honestly couldn’t improve on, or make it more perfect than we now have it, right now today…

Which is a really weird feeling, coming up in Clubland, way back in the 80’s as we did, always flapping record covers at amps in tiny Clubs to cool them down, as they overheated & the bass cut out…

Those days are now long gone & the evolution of World Headquarters rolls on. It’s never been about having the best Soundsystem in the city.

That may have at times been a goal for other people, but not us.

We wanted one of the best Soundsystems on the Planet & now we have that, over both floors.