6. Changes upstairs


Firstly, adding extra juice to the side of the room upstairs.

We always liked to have the majority of sound in the upstairs room focused on the dance floor, so that if you are sitting down & chilling on the couches at the sides at the weekend, you can still chat to your pals in comfort as the dance floor rocks.

With the higher profile shows we now attract as we evolve, we often remove some of the couches at the side to make more of the room danceable, for major events, when we know no one is gonna wanna sit down & everyone just wants to dance all night.

Over time we found that when we did that, we had a wee bit of a dead spot, sound wise, where the couches usually are, so we have now rectified that.

The sound up there as you know, has literally been amazing since our initial install & this tweak, inc the further install, was done to make that even more so.

It’s 100% flexible, so we can choose to fire up the extra kit when the show demands, but you’ll also still be able to chat & get all couchie with your Boo, on quieter, more socially vibed nights.

Our boffin installers have also re-tuned the whole caper up there, tweaking all the settings to perfection, once more, to give an unreal degree of clarity.

With that now done, it’s a toss between it being like, having the entire System re-installed all over again & a really great dream, which any of you young chaps reading this, may occasionally have had & then woken up still puzzled by… Yet smiling from.

More crispness, more clarity & more Soul, especially precious to us when we are spinning vinyl. It’s just so warm, that you honestly won’t believe it..!

We know we can’t.