4. The Look of it & social media

Staying black, cool dogs & why we’re still here

So we made a point from the off, of avoiding installing a system that had an attention grabbing look. We went for all black, so it just blends in, rather than defines the look of the Club.

We also opted for the smallest possible sound company logos on it. So small, you probably won’t even notice them.

It’s a sound system, so we reckon that it’s not about how it looks.

We’ve never been a ‘red sports car’ kind of place & we wanted to take real care, so that it reflected that.

As with anything we’ve ever done in Newcastle, there are some daft, negative people who seek to criticise WHQ, in order to big themselves up…

Social media is great for all that kinda ‘Notice me I’m a Keyboard Warrior’ nonsense.

However, we much prefer one to one chats & never get involved in Facebook spats or stuff like that. This is because we are Old Skool & don’t do that type of thing.

So, if you would like to communicate your opinions with us about the new sound installation, drop us an e mail & we will happily get right back to you when we have a spare moment.

We will though, also post a few pics & little films on social media from time to time, which as we all know, is not only well suited to that type of promo activity, but is also a great vehicle, with which to display funny captions on pictures of cats & videos of really well trained dogs, doing amazing things…

There is an exceptional past to this little Club for sure. It’s clearly there for all to see…

But WHQ is about the future, not the past.

The only reasons The World Headquarters is still here, are because we run a great, genuinely friendly Club, plan for the future, avoid the trapdoor of simply hyping illusions & keep things properly real & grounded.

Most importantly – At WHQ, we always know we are only ever as good as our next show.

This fab new Sound System helps us make all our forthcoming, great shows even better for you. Simple as that.

Now it’s been in a few months since we began the tweaking process & we’ve tweaked & re-tweaked it to buggery, now adding even more kit to it, so it sounds totally amazing on both floors.

It is honestly, absolutely flippin’ game changingly brilliant & you will love it.

So that’s the deal. A gimmick free, work in perpetual progress & a very, very, high quality one.

One that gives your favourite Club sound comparable to some of the best Nightclubs that there are, anywhere on the planet. It’s been done the World HQ way – ‘cos that’s how we roll.

(Reader’s voice: Time for a tune..?)