3. Branding

The world headquarters way

We appreciate that if we didn’t think things through properly, it could be easy to fall into the same trap some other places do. The last thing we wanted to do was to get a bit deluded & start imagining that a new Sound System was something to brag about relentlessly & wear like a daft badge…

When places do that, they always run the risk of looking silly when their hype runs out & it eventually dawns on people, all they ever (really) wanted, was a cool sound company’s logo, as a gimmick to eat out on…

With decades of experience at the forefront of the city’s Underground scene, had we acted like that & taken the one dimensional route..?

People would have been entitled to say that we were just being foolish.

At WHQ we see things differently & we don’t for one second imagine, that simply by spending a few quid, that somehow makes us all pioneering or innovative & gives us the kudos of a famous sound company, to piggyback, bleat & show boat about.

Many among the fabulous team of young independent promoters we work with choose to showcase the new system & the provider’s brand name, right up there in all their publicity.

They are both entitled & very welcome to do that. If it helps them to promote their shows (& it most certainly does) then we are fine with that.

It’s already making a massive difference to us all, adding major value to all the many diverse & exciting events our friends put on with us.

As a Club though, World Headquarters didn’t & won’t be doing that. As a truly Underground place we don’t need to.

So once the news of our amazing new installation settles down, don’t expect to see us following the recent clubland trend & exploiting our sound providers fly branding, as if it was actually ours – to make us appear cool…

That’s just daft & isn’t going to happen on our flyers.

We will also not be using it to try to lure nights away from any of the city’s other premises…

Instead as we always have, we’re pushing forward & using it simply to help us nurture, create & support, new, young, first time promoters, helping them to grow into proper businesses (that make money), giving them a real shot at establishing themselves, both locally & nationally.

So, apologies if you were expecting us to follow the herd, that’s not how we do things & this isn’t the kiddies fable ‘The Emperors New Clothes…’

All we have done is add a very high tech, top of the range, bespoke audio product, to World Headquarters, one that we purchased from industry experts we respect & whose advice we have taken, to make sure that it properly reflects & enhances the Soul & beauty of all the far out music we play in our Club.

Let’s face it, when you actually get past all the ego, fame by association & hype you see bandied about, a Soundsystem is just a purchase…

It’s what you put through it & who you let into your Club to listen & dance to it to it that really counts.

That’s what’s set us apart from the rest of the city since way back in the day & that is all that matters.

(Reader’s voice: A good point, well made – Now please tell me, how does it look & feel..?)