2. the scale of the install

Old Skool financial privacy

We mentioned that we were investing more into it, than the Old Club at Marlborough Crescent cost us to purchase back in the day (see History) & this is true.

However, installation cost figures apparently ranging from plastic buttons to telephone numbers, were bandied about on Facebook & there was also talk of it being, the size of several big trumpeting elephants, each carrying multiple hippos (with 18 piece drum kits on their backs) etc. etc. etc…

While it was obviously a very considerable investment, the notion that we would ever acknowledge those posts, or post the actual amount the Club is investing publicly on Facebook, is just silly.

It’s never been about our Dad, Peepee, or Soundsystem, being bigger than anybody else’s, or how much it may, or may not be costing. It’s all about sound quality…

So don’t believe the hype… Come & hear it now it’s been fully installed.

We put aside more funds, above our initial investment, to ensure it could be further upgraded & would stay the ‘System of Dreams’.

So we’ve been able to accommodate all the many nips, tucks & additions we obviously fancied, now we have played music on it for a few months.

That’s the way we always do things. We take ages over stuff & there is a reason for that…

& if you click the green arrow we’ll tell you why.