10. Ask the expert


Here’s a little excerpt written by one of the very angels who installed the new system, Paul, from the Audio Group…

World Headquarters Newcastle Upon Tyne not just an outstanding sound system, but a piece of sonic art.

On Monday and Tuesday this week we had the honour and privilege to upgrade a system that we built two years ago. It always a difficult task to take something good and make it extra ordinary and when a venue owner has forgotten more about music than most people know, you best bring you’re a game, because the expectations are high.

The first part of the upgrade was to add in fills to the upstairs system.

This was down to the changes in crowd dynamics and the way in which the room is now used since the system was installed. In short, since the system was installed the number attending nights has gone through the roof.

We choose Void Acoustics Stasys 2 for the fills to complement the existing 4 x Void XV2 ultra high power bass enclosures, and the Void Arcline 6 on front of house duty, and rear delays.

The amplification was also upgraded where required to the new Void Bias V Series.

The second part of the upgrade was to move the existing bass enclosures to a new location again as with any good and well run club, the space constantly evolves and our job as engineers it the work alongside the venue to enhance and focus that evolution.

We also added a further 2 x Void XV2 Ultra high power bass enclosures to run alongside the existing 4 x XV2’s with the mid high being supplied by a distributed Stasys 2’s and Stasys 4’s.

Again with upgraded Void Bias V series amplification where required.

Nothing fills us more with pride than when we power up a sound system and we get to watch out customers jaw drop and a ridiculous insane grin appear on their face.

The last statement piece that we built for World headquarters (the upstairs system) was described as the sound system of dreams, and that it changes his life every day you know that is important to get it right.

So to hear him describe the new system as game changing is a little overwhelming for us.

When music is so important in a venue that they don’t even have lights to distract from the musical vibe.

What a buzz, what a feeling and what a sense of achievement!

This is not just a Job to us, with every venue we build we become personally attached leave a little piece of ourselves in there.

I need to thank World headquarters for the opportunity to build not just an outstanding sound system, but a piece of sonic art.

And not forgetting that in any organisation it not just a bout talented individual’s it’s about the sum of the parts when they are put together.

Paul Adamson, The Audio Group

WHQ says…

We can’t thank Paul, his installation team for The Audio Group & The Void Crew enough, for what they have done for us.

Tick, tick, gold star..!! xx.