This is a high end quality, Newcastle institution & a recent visits here have completely blown us away.

Situated right next door the the Live Theatre, opposite the Quayside Law Courts, this is an absolute humdinger of a place to eat out.

It’s a small proper pub, with what is without doubt the best pub food menu in Newcastle by absolute miles.

This place is world class.

The Broad Chare
is co operated by the Live Theatre mob & the Cafe 21 Restaurant group, which is home to the (would be) elite’s favourite chef, Terry Somethingorother.

Unlike Cafe 21, this does not feel aimed at an Accent magazine type market, you aren’t out of place in jeans & they don’t call you Sir.

It’s got more of the really high quality, Gastropub vibe.


From the beers & the bar snacks, to the full menu available upstairs, this is a great place to drink & an amazing place to eat.

It’s food prices are not cheap, but not ridiculous either, especially when you consider the quality on offer.

Wherever you are planning to go next don’t – Check out this instead.

It’s a really cool place, beautifully understated, a cute little spot, that’s properly on.

You should make a point of discovering this inspirational eaterie…