This is the finest Sushi place in Newcastle. We can say this with complete confidence, as we are Sashimi & Sushi freaks & have tried all of them.

It’s at the bottom (the town end) of Westgate Hill, just down from The Tyne Theatre.

It used to be located over the road & do the conveyor belt thing, but has recently moved & now been adapted to be all tables & some booth seating too.

Due to the freshness of produce required to retail raw fish successfully, anywhere doing it needs to be busy.

St Sushi always is & the number of Japanese customers in there every time we go is a testament to it’s authenticity. It’s reasonably priced & whether you are wanting to dash in, nosh & dash out, or to sit for ages enjoying your food, there is no finer place.

They also do Bento boxes & a full supporting range of dishes, so this isn’t just simply a raw fish place.

The difference between here & other (would be) Sushi places in town, is so vast as to be blatantly obvious.

If Japanese food is your bag, a visit to St Sushi is very highly recommended.