Ok then, we’ll start cheap, so everyone can get a bite…

Dene’s Deli is a Newcastle institution.

It’s located at the bottom end of Jesmond, in an area called Cradlewell. It’s near the Dene & for the past 19 years or so they have been making the best sandwiches in the city.

If you think that sandwiches are much of a muchness, you’d be wrong & obviously haven’t been here yet.

This place is the original gourmet sandwich builder, a specialist shop, that every single day people flock to, from all over the city to get their lunch.

Any & all new sandwich shops around here, always try to open with a bang, pretending to be like Dene’s Deli when they first launch…

But give them a while & they fall short.

In such a wildly competitive sector, people are not prepared to put in the kind of graft it takes, to establish & then maintain the standards & quality required, to raise the reputation of a business like this one, up to a level that equals the cult status DD holds today.

Sandwich shops are ten a penny & people can go anywhere, but the fact is, they don’t & they all just come here every day instead.

Why is that..?

You name it – they’ve got it.

All fresh, all great value, all bases covered (& we do mean all bases).

They also have shelves of really fab biscuits, bottled sauces, rare bags of crisps & do deliveries & outside catering too. Mad bread, mad dressing, mad filling – If you ask for it? They’ll be able to construct it for you, just how you like it.

Bespoke crafted & made to measure.

Over the years, at times when we have been up all night partying or making flyers etc., we always popped in Dene’s at lunchtime the following day.

Usually still in a bit of a state & we’d joke around, about the most outrageous sandwich combination to ask for…

This provided us with endless hours of munchie-induced hilarity & the best idea we think we ever stumbled upon, was – Swordfish & Trombone… Ha!

Some sandwich shops in town are really low budget. DD is the polar opposite of those places & whilst the unenlightened among you may label DD as merely a posh sandwich shop, that’s only because you are confusing the word posh with the words spotlessly clean & civilised, which every single aspect of this place is. A top of the game, market leader, that the rest copy.

So, if you are a new student you must check this place out Ok? You will love it – Real proper food. Your parents back home, would be both happy & relieved, if they knew you had the option to eat somewhere as high quality & affordable as this, just down the road, whenever you liked.

So, they merit very high praise indeed & in fact, some (us included) would say, that in Newcastle, Dene’s Deli is to sandwich shops – what WHQ is to Nightclubs.

Two days after we wrote this they won the national ‘Best Independent Sandwich Maker Of The Year’ award. Top Marks..!