Better know as Café Z, this is a fab little Italian place on Goldspink Lane in Sandyford.

They are open Tuesday to Saturday, do proper nice food & are ridiculously excellent value for money.

The décor is cute, modern, uncluttered & compared to Jesmond’s numerous established, low budget, long in the tooth, pretendie Italian dumps – Café Z is a real breath of fresh air.

Another plus is as it’s in Sandyford & not Jesmond, it doesn’t tend to attract queues of tea time knackers.

This means you can always get a table & they are nicely spaced out, so you aren’t surrounded by hoards of nosey, earwigging weirdos, plonked on tables, about two feet away from you.

They do a thing called a ‘peasants supper’ where if you go before half six you can get selected tasty main courses for between just £3.75 & a fiver.

It’s outrageously good value & there honestly isn’t a better meal deal on offer in Newcastle. The rest of the menu is lovely too & also very reasonably priced.

When compared with the most of the rip off sludge served by the numerous eateries upon Osborne Road, this is effectively fine dining at really affordable prices.

The grub is fresh, daily specials are smack on every time, portions are on point, it all comes quickly & it is super tasty.

Sparklingly clean, with a great laid back atmosphere, Café Z is a total winner on all levels & the best value for money eatery we have been in around these parts.

It’s a great early evening haunt & if you & your chums wanna go somewhere stylish & friendly you can all easily afford – then Café Z is an absolute must try out.

In short…

A shockingly good value Italian restaurant, where the waiters are cool & don’t get all lairy with the ladies, where the ever changing menu is top notch, where it it’s not full of old boots, empty wine bottles & mid 70’s, faux decorative nonsense hanging off the ceiling.

A modern, stylish, welcoming, tasty, total must visit.

In our opinion, you can’t afford not to pay a visit to Café Z. A proper little secret gem of a belter.

(Readers voice: Can you add some more taglines please..? You don’t seem to have gushed enough…!!)