This is a recent(ish) addition to the Newcastle scene on Brentwood Avenue, in the little row of shops they have over there.

The building it is based in was formerly a really, really high quality (though absolutely terribly pitched), kind of posh, organic meat & veg retailers.

It had a small cafe in it too & was like some sort of fictitious, wanna be high end, Made in Chelsea grocer’s tea shop.

We popped in a couple of times for a coffee & we thought it was maybe a bit pricey, but it was only one coffee & we had only popped in, so (as you do) we just let it go…

Then one day about a month later, we were passing by once more & we dropped in again. This time we ordered a coffee & we fancied a muffin to go with it…

Ok, so guess how much the muffin was…?

Go on, give it a go – A quid?

A quid fifty maybe..? £2.00..?

Nah – Check this hustle out… It was £4.00!!??

Yes, that’s right, you heard us – £4.00 – Four flippin’ English pounds..!!!



We were stunned & asked the Reenie if they were made out of gold, or had ten pound notes stuffed inside them or something..?

We simply couldn’t believe that anyone in their right mind, would have the bare faced cheek / stupidity to try to sell a single actual muffin, here in Newcastle & expect people to pay four bloody pounds for it..?!!

All we could think about was those Catherine Tate sketches, with that crazy couple from series one, you remember those two, don’t you..?

The dirty… Robbing… Posh coffee peddling… Free range courgette facilitating… Organic lamb shank supplying…  Freedom Farm pisstaking… 4.00 pound muffin hustling… B**tards!!!

Anyway, we digress…

Suffice to say that place went tits up pronto & once it was vacant, the Arlo mob moved in & made it their own.

Arlo is irresistible. It’s a smashing little reasonably priced (thank God!) place with cool, friendly staff & an apparent fixation with deer antlers.

There’s loads of tables inside & the best alfresco eating area in the whole of the city out front – a proper afternoon sun trap.

Unlike it’s esteemed predecessor, the minute you walk in the door & are hit by its sort of Alpine kinda feel, you can tell instantly, that it could very easily still be here & prospering, twenty years time from now.

It was a real joy over the Summertime when Jesmond was totally deserted & now that everyone is back on it, it’s jam packed, with a nice bustling feel.

It’s open until 9.00 pm, so is sort of a cafe & a bistro & a restaurant, all rolled into one.

It can sometimes take a wee while to get served, if you choose to visit at really peak times, but that’s the same wherever you go & we think it’s well worth the short wait, the odd time there is one.

Arlo has raised the bar considerably in this neck of the woods & we reckon you will agree, this is the hip new spot, to stuff your face.