2. Where We First Played It

At the time, the main Club we played was Rockshots (now sadly turned into flats), on Waterloo Street, which was the main Gay Club in Newcastle.

We ran a really good dance night there, spinning all genres (very much like our WHQ Uplifting Groove weekend shows are today, see History), which as the 80’s progressed, had been gradually moving, more into the hip & ever emerging, House Music…

Over the next few weeks & months, Someday totally took hold of Rockers, then the entire nation…

There honestly, was not a bigger record on the planet.

Rarely have we seen a tune evoke & unlock such a wave of emotion as Someday did, when you dropped it, right near the end of another insane night, in the amazing, ground breaking & genre defying Nightclub, that was the Rockshots of the late 80’s.

Coming from a Soul & Disco background, Someday really struck a chord with us.

The deeply soulful sentiment of the lyric & its incorporation of racial, drug & war themes, married with the overriding positive message of hope, set to that driving beat, was so on point for the times – that it just totally, smashed it..!


The Scene It Blew Up In

These where very emotional times. Exceptionally high quality, designer club drugs were everywhere.

We didn’t know it at the time, but we were witnessing the birth of modern dance music as you all know it today.

The scale of it was a new phenomenon & the whole City seemed like it was going ‘On one,’ as we all used to say.

As such, the message of hope in Someday smacked everybody equally, clean across the chops & entered straight into their hearts…

Everyone needs a message of hope at times & to hear one drop, as purely as it drops in Someday, especially when you hear it in the context of being on a dance floor, in a packed Club, just as a major new scene is exploding all over the country & for the first time everyone, from all walks of life are there with you & all on the exact same page?

It was just mind blowing – No way could you call it anything else.

Rockers was a special, little (yet massive) scene.

But it was only one, of thousands of other special, little (yet massive) scenes, as simultaneously, across the nation House Music exploded – like no one had ever seen anything explode before.

In every city, people flirted with decadence, danced to Someday & came the closest they might ever get, to a genuine, spiritual connection with the actual humanity, of the people all around them.

Someday in Rockshots in the late 80’s was so spiritual, it bordered on a religious freakout.

At times, closer to unifying joy & mass elation, than anything else we have ever seen in our lives…