4. We need to talk about David…

Anyway, we digress…

That one line, about going to South Africa & being called a man, also totally unpicked the dirty work of all her snivelling little minions (such as the ex Prime Minister, David Cameron).

Dodgy Dave was directly aligned with, actively participating in & even led, organisations which were campaigning to see Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo & all the many members of the ANC hung.

It’s widely reported, that in 1985 your now ex esteemed leader, was a top member of the Federation of Conservative students, who produced this tasteful & delightful little poster (seen below), to publicise the official stance of this particularly nasty, arrogant, little group of toffs.

By the late 80’s, David had teamed up with a pro, (yes that’s right kids, we did say pro) apartheid lobby firm, sponsored by a Mr Botha, the leader of the racist South African regime & went on a little holiday to Johannesburg, as his guest, for an anti-sanctions, fact finding, bum lick.

So David Cameron tried everything he could, to get Nelson Mandela strung up & the Black South African majority denied all human rights.

He has the blood of thousands of innocent people, Steve Biko included, on his hands…


The Legacy of Someday

So that one single line in this one song, highlighted overnight & then changed completely, the way the youth of the UK viewed the South African struggle forever.

(Editors note: This is what Cameron sees pointing back at him, every day when he looks in the mirror…)

Maggie Thatcher was kicked out by her own party & David Cameron now wishes desperately, that people like us, would stop highlighting his racist past to people like you, so he could go on acting & pretending to us all like he actually gave a toss.

Someday’s release was without question, as catalytic & significant (& possibly even more catalytic & significant, depending on the scene you partied on), as the release of the absolutely inspired…

Free Nelson Mandela by Jerry Dammers & the Specials had been way back in 1984.

So, Someday, is a record that not only blew up Nightclubs, defining a generation in the process, it also reached out & changed young people’s attitudes & opinions in this country, politicising them.

By doing all that, it actually helped to free the South African people & change & shape, the world all the rest of us live in today.

It is impossible to put into words what this tune did to the Club, on the night Nelson Mandela was finally released…

So let’s not even try.

Click the little green arrow & have a listen, you’ll work it out…

No wonder it was then & still is today, such a massive tune..!