3. The Song For Everyone

At this time, daily news of the terrible atrocities taking place in South Africa was heartbreaking.


Also, despite our undeniable success, in truth we were lost, deep, deep down, in the excesses of Dj life in underground 80’s Dance Clubs.

We knew we wanted things to shift & desperately tried to turn that mad lifestyle around & somehow grow away from it.

We needed to go back to basics & survive, shape & develop our game, so that we didn’t just end up as bums & could work, to build what’s now evolved into the World HQ Club you know today.

All those swirling emotions, rolled together, made it feel as though Someday, whenever we would play it, was personal…

Like it had been specially written, just for us. However, we were not alone…

Because the real magic of Someday is…

Every other person who ever heard it felt that way too!


House Music vs A National disgrace

The pivotal line in the song, that goes… ‘I’ll go to South Africa & I’ll be called a man,’ switched the entire nation’s youth on to the disgusting atrocities that were taking place under Apartheid.

That one line, totally blew away the racist rhetoric, that had been earlier laid down by the then Prime Minister, Margaret (total self awareness bypass) Thatcher.

She had referred to Nelson Mandela as a ‘terrorist’ & then blatantly disregarded the global sanctions, that the rest of the world democratically voted for & (quite rightly) had in place, against the South African Apartheid regime, as an attempt to get them to respect human rights.

Read the lyrics a little further on…

Young people in Clubs actually listened to, related to, understood & agreed with every sentiment this song expressed – That the world didn’t have to be crap & unfair, just as long as people got on with each other & stopped being twats.

The fact that this was inextricably linked in the song, to the ongoing South African struggle, meant youth in the UK were now aware, that this had to be addressed & the need for justice out there had to be recognised by the UK Government.

Otherwise Thatcher’s little gang of self serving, snivelling, toffs, would be at odds with the sentiments, humanity & wishes of every switched on young person in the country.

Someday landed, exploded & almost overnight, a whole generation woke up & just thought she was a complete dick…

Quite right too, as her behaviour around these issues was unforgivable, racist, embarrassing & nothing short of a national & international disgrace.

‘Shame on you woman – It’s no wonder, so  many people reacted as they did when you died…’