6. Someday – Bonus Features

Irrespective of what style of music you play or what age you are, if you are a Dj & you have never owned a copy of Someday, then you should either download it immediately. Or just stop being a Dj, as you have totally missed the point & this whole Dj thing, is honestly not for you.

Somehow, Ce Ce got to see this page on our site & about a year ago, he got in touch to say hi.

We honestly nearly fell over when this came through & we are now chummed up with Ce Ce & chat over facebook…

Ce Ce’s vocal on Someday was later sampled by Liquid for the Raver’s anthem – Sweet Harmony, which as music purists, pissed us off at the time.

But looking back now in retrospect, if Ce Ce & Marshall actually got their dues from them & got paid for that, then we’re cool & over that now.

As far as we’re concerned, they both deserve to be given the ‘Freedom of the Planet’.

Danny Bryd also got in on the act with this Drum ‘n Bass version.

Marshall also made the earth shattering game changer – Move Your Body. What a tune!

He came & played at WHQ earlier in 2016 & was the total Don & a really lovely fella.

Ce Ce also recorded All Join Hands & No Love Lost & he recorded some R&B stuff & also toured & recorded with the Italian funky House outfit Jestofunk.

Even now in 2017, Ce Ce is still making outstanding music with a real & far reaching social message. Check this out below…!

We love him & there aren’t many musical artists working today, who have consistently held the bar so high…



The world is cold and times are bad.

Everytime I think about it, it makes me sad.

War and drugs are everywhere

and it’s getting so hard to breathe the air.

But it doesn’t have to be like this,

all the rancour and bitterness.

If we can just open our eyes

we can make the world a paradise – Someday.

We’ll live as one family in perfect harmony.


When we all pull together we will all be free.


Free from the pressure and the prejudice

we can change it all with tenderness.

There’ll be no void between black and white.

We’ll be able to walk the streets at night.

I won’t be fooled while someone dies of starvation,

the whole world will be my nation.

We will walk hand in hand.

I’ll go to South Africa and be called a man – Someday.

We’ll live as one family in sweet harmony.


If we all pull together we will all be free.

Mmmm, someday.

We’ll live as one family.