1. A Tune That Genuinely Changed The World

This game changer of a tune, was written & produced by Marshall Jefferson & featured Ce Ce Rogers on vocals. It first landed in the UK via import, from Atlantic Records in Autumn of 1987.

Where We First Heard It

We still vividly recall walking into Hitsville USA…

(seminal Newcastle record shop, see History section)

… in Old Eldon Square, one late 80’s Thursday, to get our weekly tunes.

We’d go every week, so one of our chums, Tony, Ronnie or Joan, could play us all the new releases.

We were total record fiends & spent all our money in there, just listening to & chatting about the music – So Tony knew just what would turn us on.

We still remember Tony’s smiling face as he said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you to come in, I’ve got something for you – You are gonna absolutely love this song…’

Then he carefully placed a 12″ tune on the turntable in the shop, stood back & folded his arms.

That tune (which you can hear in full & read the full lyrics for, a little further in the piece), was Someday, by Ce Ce Rogers.

Er…Marshall Jefferson produced House Music, all orchestrated & recorded with real instruments?

Ce Ce on vocals?! The hair on the back of our necks literally stood up..!

The minute we heard the first note, time seemed to stop dead – as we heard Someday for the very first time…

When it was over & we had picked our jaw up off the floor & cleaned & wiped our bottom… Tony smiled & said ‘Told you you would love it.’

He was right! We immediately bought all of the six, American import copies that they had in the shop & went home properly excited, to spin it for the first time, in the Club that very night.