The story of a tune that changed the World.

One of the key tunes in the development of WHQ.

Read how it blew up dance floors & politicised a nation of Clubbers.

Still one of the most significant pieces of musical art, ever to be made on the Planet.


1. A Tune That Genuinely Changed The World

This game changer of a tune, was written & produced by Marshall Jefferson & featured Ce Ce Rogers on vocals.

2. Where We First Played It

Someday's relationship with us & what we did with that tune in Rockshots, back in the day was nobody's business..!

3. The Song For Everyone

How this tune pulled Maggie Thatchers pants down & we all saw her patties were not clean...

4. We need to talk about David…

David's shady, shady past catches up with him...

5. Ce Ce Rogers – Someday

Let's have the tune & we'll put it in context

6. Someday – Bonus Features

Up to the minute Someday gossip, lyrics, details of cover versions & samples & a new tune from Ce-Ce...

7. Remembering our friend

Read about our beautiful friend, a pioneer in every sense & the man who introduced us to Someday - Anthony Peter Bromwich, 25th Feb 1946 - 14th September 2015 - Rest in peace x.