4. The Clock of the Long Now

A lesson in time

A few years ago we saw an interview with Brian where he was discussing his involvement with a clock that was being built. We think it was in Greenwich somewhere, that it was located..? We paid attention, as it sounded like a really mad idea. It was called the Clock of the Long Now.

This clock wasn’t going to measure time in just the normal denominations that we’re all used to, like minutes, hours & days. Instead it was going to be in years & decades, right up to millenia. The idea was to challenge the kind of short term thinking people have today, where they get bored if they’re asked to focus on things longer than a 3 minute pop video.

He made the point that few people think beyond the life of a government & that this was a major factor in our destruction of the natural environment. Thinking & living in the moment has it’s advantages at times, but as a collection of cultures, the western world is currently consuming all of this Planet’s dwindling resources, at a scary, unsustainable & alarming rate…

The idea of the Clock was to encourage a far more balanced view of time & context in all our lives. It was an interesting concept, he put the idea over very well & it made a big impact on us.

The i phone applications

With the advent of the i Phone, all kinds of people & web design companies are making apps to go with them. As you’d imagine, Brian is bang on it & even though we dislike technology for technology’s sake, the news he had got involved with apps, swung us into getting an i Phone.

Brian’s apps include Bloom & Trope. If you have got an i Phone, you can download them both from the app store & they’ll enhance your wretched life a bit. They only cost about £2.00 each.

With these apps, Brian has harnessed the power of music & technology, in an astoundingly simple & interactive way. You can make your own music at the touch of a button & loop it endlessly. You end up creating individual soundscapes that you have never heard before & will never hear again, all by just tapping your finger, on the screen of your phone. It is that easy.

It’s chill out tastic & has revolutionised bathtime round our way…

In much the same vein as his life changing ambient works that we mentioned earlier, this is the absolute bomb & an added plus is that the animals you have in your life, will also thank you for it too. Infinitely relaxing & original art, at your fingertips – forever..!