6. The Attitude of the man

Having a free mind in your head

So as you have probably now gathered, we are into Brian Eno. He is our favourite artist because has done so many meaningful, special & wonderful things. Alongside all this, he was an open & assertive critic of the Iraq war, highlighting his willingness to speak out about political issues & wrong doing, that affect the world we live in.

Click this link to see the stance he’s taken recently on the Palestine issue…

The inspiration he has single handedly given us is immeasurable. He taught us to appreciate true beauty in art & music, taught us the value of working & collaborating with talented people & helped us to believe that we could do things our own way, without paying any attention to what other people might have thought was right or acceptable.

We were ecstatic to see that BBC 4 recently devoted a whole night to him & if you have access to getting programmes on playback, seek him out. There is a lovely quote in there (that we’ve lifted to use elsewhere on this site), something along the lines of…

‘When I was young I didn’t wish to fit into standard career paths & aim to be like other people, so instead of aiming for what they aimed for, I just shot my arrow & drew my own target, around where it landed…’

Recent shot of Brian

That infectious attitude has led us to think outside the box & develop WHQ at our own pace, in our own way. Rejecting populist trends & relying instead, on our own unique ideas & traditions.

Be like Brian – Do what you like.