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The way you like…

At World Headquarters we love Brian Eno…  It’s really hard to know where to begin in speaking about him, as he has been such a massive & pivotal influence on us.

It’s not overstating it in the slightest, to say that without Brian’s influence & inspiration, there might never have even been a World Headquarters Club in the first place.

Young Brian in the studio, changing the way we would listen to music forever...

So, what we will do here, is start (our worship) at the beginning of his illustrious career. For those of you who like us, are already Brian fans, please bear with us, as a lot of people are still not aware of his work & we are gonna share what he means to us, with them, to turn them on to him too.


Brian & this Website

Have you any idea what massive job the creation of this website has been..?

We have had such a laugh & that’s ‘cos we approached it, how we imagine Brian might…

We made it in layers.

Text first, them image selection, then Editor’s notes then Reader’s voice etc., etc.

We build it in separate layers, one on top of the other.


So you never know exactly what you will end up with, until it’s finished & is a proper piece of real lasting, unconventional & meaningful art, way more than the sum of it’s parts.



Roxy music were not always the cod, mainstream band that they ended up as. When they first came out, they were far out & totally fresh & new. Think of them & you’ll think of Brian Ferry…

Roxy Music featuring Brian Ferry (looking like a twat) & Brian Eno (on the left)

When we think of them & the records they made that we hold dear & that have truly stood the test of time, we think of Brian Eno.

As a founder member of the band, he gave them that glam, art school experimental attitude, that they rocked in the early days when they actually mattered.

Brian during the early Roxy Music days...

Once he left in 1973 he took the experimental vision of the band with him.

He went on to change the face of modern music & art, while Mr Ferry & his chums, simply plodded on towards the mainstream, eventually drifting off  into their current location, totally irrelevant & languishing in divorcee, Mother’s Day compilationland.

Post Roxy Music, Brian then embarked on a truly remarkable solo career, throughout the rest of the 70’s, recording arty type albums & stuff that was at all times interesting, far out & experimental.

Our favourite album from around this golden & prolific period, is called Another Green World.

Another Green World album cover...

We listen to it every day in Summertime every year & have heard it thousands of times without ever tiring of it. It’s totally beautiful & unlike anything else you will ever hear.

It’s a great album to get into if you find yourself breaking up with a friend you really like.

It’s reflective, has plenty of space & there is always – Another Green World.

It’s an album that is kinda fascinating in a sonic way, so many layers & textures, honestly, give this a listen & turn it up – It’s the opening track, it’s astounding..!



Brian is a rubbish singer & he sings on a lot of his early albums, in a way that like on ‘Sky Saw’ makes them sound really odd… But he’s a genius, so he’s allowed.