5. 77 Million Paintings

The Most Beautiful of things…

Brian brought his highly acclaimed 77 Million Paintings Exhibition to the Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead a few of years ago.

We had read all about it & were really excited to go & see it up close.

This was the first time we had ever seen him exhibit his work in the North East & it was without question, the single most beautiful & amazing thing we’d ever seen in our entire lives.

We sat all day watching it slowly change & it blew our minds. It was so beautiful, at points we were overcome. The idea of harnessing computers to the end of creating beauty, sounds stupid. But it isn’t. Brian toured the World with this & you couldn’t help but be blown away by it.

The 77 million paintings exhibition...


Passes people by…

It’s a shame the Baltic couldn’t have shown it for a lot longer & also a shame, that as with so many of the exhibitions they have there, they simply seemed to rely upon the artist’s name to sell it. No way did they put the hustle into the promotion, that a show of this magnitude merited.

Brian at the 77 million Paintings Exhibition

As a result, we felt it wasn’t properly advertised. This meant many ordinary people, who were not either on the Baltic’s mailing list, or were not bearded luvvies, involved in the North East Fart Scene, had no idea this exhibition was even on. Lots of people were therefore robbed, of this once in a lifetime opportunity, to see the breathtakingly spectacular 77 Million Paintings.


It was a success for the Baltic, but like we said, we felt it could’ve reached a lot more people. If you didn’t see 77 Million Paintings that is a real shame & it illustrates the point we’ve just made.

Sydney Opera House kinda got the importance of Brian's work a little better than the Baltic...

The day we went & saw 77 Million Paintings we were truly amazed & our lives changed a little…