Brian Eno

Understanding Brian Eno, is understanding WHQ.

A massive part of the way we view the World & conduct our lives, we learned from him.

An innovative, free thinker & collaborator, he makes beautiful things happen.

Come & meet the amazing & intriguing¬†Mr Eno…


1. Do what you like

It's really hard to know where to begin in speaking about him, as he has been such a massive & pivotal influence on us. Here we examine his influence on this website & look at his early vibe with Roxy Music...

2. Ambient Music & Bowie

Brian single handedly invents Ambient Music & does inspirational work with Bowie...

3. Talking Heads

With Talking Heads & other collaborators, as with so many of the projects Brian has been involved in, he collaborates with the band on the production duties, acting as judge & catalyst, to make the magic happen.

4. The Clock of the Long Now

Thinking & living in the moment has it's advantages at times - Brian reviews humanity's concept of time & makes i phone apps...

5. 77 Million Paintings

The day we went & saw 77 Million Paintings we were truly amazed & our lives changed a little...

6. The Attitude of the man

Be like Brian - Do what you like.