The Wylam Brewery Palace of Arts

Saviour of Jesmond, Spital Tounges, North Fenham, South Gosforth & far beyond, this is an absolute cracker of a place.

Exposed steel, brick & wood with a minimal look & feel, it’s still got load of places to sit & chill a really nice, large outside decked bit.

You have to remember that this is in the middle of a lovely park, on the border of the town moor, so it’s a nice walk to get there, a nice walk home & a ‘peaceful oasis, in the heart of the city’ vibe is deffo on the go here.

Saw a load of rabbits kicking it round there the other day, thankfully little Ronnie the Dog wasn’t about or she’d have gone bananas. It’s like a little slice of the country, just 5 mins from town.

The beer selection is just daft as there is quite literally all sorts of everything. Beer is a big deal here & they host live shows, food stall days, Dj sets & rock that just being a great bar & place to drink vibe.

You gotta remember that this an actual brewery too & these dudes have single handedly put city center brewing back on the map, resurrecting a age old Newcastle tradition dating back centuries.

Food is big deal here too as it’s the full package & here is a pic of what can look forward to on a Sunday for your dinner…

The building is really striking & it’s heartwarming to see it back on the block & shining so brightly. Well done those boys, Newcastle isn’t gonna change itself & anyone can see how much work, risk, self belief & bottle that must surely have taken.

They’ve even got a little Steely Dan lyric checked photo booth on the go. Just that one touch on it’s own, is like a statement of intent for absolute quality.

Ok, review over. You gotta go here РSimples. A rediscovered, resurrected, architectural & celebratory gem, for the good people of Newcastle to all to enjoy for years to come.

That’s how real, lasting culture starts, it’s not by spending a tonne of free lottery money on daft, up their own squeak cleft places, that nobody but ‘Dah’ling luvvies’ go to.

Thus, what the Wylam Crew have done here should be applauded by all.

(Editor’s note: & that means by you too Charlie & all you Luvvie Dah’lings as well).

Check them out here.

Click the green arrow to see one of the real drinking gems of the Ouseburn area…