The Tyne Bar

The Tyne is a fab little bar at the east end of the Quayside.

You’ll find it just where the Ouseburn joins the River Tyne.

Many years ago, toward the end of last century it used to be called the Ship.

(Editor’s note: Not to be confused with the current Ship, along by the Cluny which we will be reviewing real soon).


Firearms & loin… The Ship

This century, The Tyne is owned by different people & is cool as anything, but back in it’s days as the Ship, it was proper dodge & often bananas…

It was one of those Bars you would go to on dates, as it was nicely out the way & you never bumped into anyone you knew, so you could get a bit of privacy.

One afternoon in there, back in the mid 80s’, a dude tried to sell us a side of bacon & a shotgun, that he had there together in a little carrier bag, just like it was all perfectly normal…


Barbecues & beer… The Tyne

But then, that was just normal round there that far back in the day & The Tyne, now today, is a testament to how far the Ouseburn area has come in the subsequent decades.

All the mentalists have long gone & it’s a great & totally safe place to go drinking these days.

You could throw a stone out of the window of the Free Trade & hit it, as it nestles, snugly in the valley below.


Old skool

The Tyne benefits greatly from being run by cool people.

Our chum Fred runs the bar side & Dee & Sammy run the food.

We go way back with this Crew, Fred & Dee having owned the Trent lease back when we first started working there.

Sammie has been clubbing with us since she was a just a tich & we are still great chums.


Fred’s also run many other great bars in the town, including the now long gone Egypt Cottage & the seminal Barley Mow

(The old shell of the Barley Mow, latterly Stereo. Currently as seen, a derelict wreck that keeps catching fire down on City Road. We used to live above it, way back & were in the bath upstairs, when we were offered the job of running the Trent in the mid 80s).

In it’s heyday The Barley Mow was among the best all round pubs that there’s ever been in the city. They had a fab Reggae night on a Sunday & cool people in Newcastle did a lot of party action within those walls…

The standards of food, booze & friendly service, that they had on the go there have very much been maintained at the Tyne.


They often do live music booth indoors & in their outdoor backyard, which sits under one of the arches of one Byker’s bridges.


What’s it like..?

It’s nice & cosy inside, but it’s very much an outdoor kinda bar, with loads of seating out facing the river.

The food here is great & they always have at least one nice beer on offer, ridiculously cheap, from the top shelf of their well stocked fridge.

Older Bluesy types go here, but the young’uns get in too & the vibe at The Tyne is a really central part, of what the whole cross generational culture at the Ouseburn, has come to be about.


The Soul Food Yard Party 2016

We played outdoors down here before, when one of the younger members of our Crew had a do on & we totally utterly, smashed it to oblivion.

So we were over the moon to be asked to play here again, in 2016, especially with an all day, 10-hour open air set, all to ourselves on the May Bank Holiday… Ha!

This was back when the grassy hill by the Tyne hadn’t been fenced off yet & naturally, it was a total roadblock. The full story of that can be found towards the end of our History section, where we talk about playing outdoors, playing for free & giving something back to the city.

All in all The Tyne a great Bar & one you mustn’t miss when you’re down the Ouseburn way.