This is down near the Central Station on Pink Lane. It has been a bar as long as anyone can remember & in recent years has cultivated a little semi-faux Amsterdamesque type vibe.

It’s really well located & is one of the few bars in town that is nearly always busy.

A while ago they stuck a little roof terrace on top which works well & they also have a good range of beers & food.

A broad cross section of people go, from after workers to would be bohemians & general cool, arty type cats.

It’s easy to get to & is treated as a kinda second home by friendly people, probably more so than any other bar in the City Centre.

It’s a bit of a meeting place, as it is so central & very popular & busy when there are big shows on at the O2 Academy.

If there can be such a thing, then this is one bar that has always been a true City Centre ‘local’.

An apparent knee jerk reaction to the opening of the Town Wall next door & a change in strategy, meant that for a while, they seemed to have decided to try to go a bit ‘up market’ & set wine glasses on the tables & a large area aside for dining. This seems to have settled down now.

It would be a crime if a true Old Skool Newcastle institution such as this, were to go all yuppie wine bar & mess up the established groove that people all love them for.

Directly across the street is another fine boozer, The Town Wall…