The Earl of Pitt Street

This is a great little new Bar & a one that at present, definitely holds the accolade of currently being Newcastle’s best kept secret…

The Earl is right on the edge of the city centre, which, as you might have guessed, is Pitt street, up Barrack Road opposite the top end of Leazes Park.

It’s a small Bar, exquisitely fitted out with beautiful individual furnishings & an apparent overt love of all types of cock

(Editor’s note: the birds, not the wangers).

It’s run by Mark Lagun & his Crew, who it could be argued are to restaurants in Newcastle what World Headquarters is to Nightclubs.

Now he’s taken on this bar, he’s running an exquisite eatery upstairs from it, which the only reason we haven’t been to yet is because it’s always been so busy we can’t get a table.

All the reports from it are outstanding & if it’s anything it’s like his former places…

(Editor’s note:

Deep breath – The Barn, Barn Again, Barn Asia, Barn under a Wandering Star, Barn at the Biscuit & Electric East)

… will be a showstopper.

This really is the nearest thing in town there is to a bar that nobody knows about as it’s right beside the area earmarked for the Science City development.

So the trick is to get yourself up there now ‘cos at the rate new buildings are currently going up in Newcastle, it’ll not be long before you can’t get in there.

When we go out drinking this is very often where we go & you’d be surprised at just how cool the vibe is there.

This really is a top notch little find & both Bar & eating wise, one you should definitely check out.

Once we have managed to get a table & have eaten here, we will write it up for our Cool Places to Eat section & we are looking forward to getting that nosh muchly.

We’ve eaten there now & it’s fantastic, really, really good, so we’ll get a page up in the eating section asap breaking down why we think you’ll totally love it x.