Where to begin..? What an amazing boozer & to us, a true recent revelation.

We always thought of this place as a boring old man’s bar we would never be seen dead in & had never even thought of going here.

Until that was, word reached us of mythical tales of new management, new direction & unsurpassed dog friendliness..?! So we took Ronnie for a peep.

Turns out it’s all change down there & these days the Brandling Villa is a proper independent local boozer. A really, really cool bar, that we are genuinely & properly excited to tell you about.

It’s down in South Gosforth, by the roundabout to the far end of Jesmond Dene, at the bottom of Station Road.

It’s got two rooms, one with a stage where they do comedy, Blues, other live stuff & show footie on a big screen, when it’s on.

The second room is really big & full of an eclectic mix of furniture. It’s laid out very spaciously, kinda like a load of separate, individual, little front rooms, but all put together in one big place.

There is a a really expansive & ever changing range of high quality beers / ales on sale & the food is properly top class.

It’s well affordable, all local & way, way beyond what you would expect from any pub. It really is impressive & they serve it until 9.00pm too, which is cool.

Top quality sausages are a house speciality here & they have an ever changing list of guest bangers appearing daily, along with regular home made pie nights as well.

Out at the back of the building there is a large beer garden. It all sounds a bit mad, but it really works, ticks every box & this place is so, so on… It vexes us that we have only just quite recently discovered it..!

The entertainment is always varied & ranges from animated film festivals, to comedians testing out the material they are taking up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We have no idea who owns it, but the staff are all friendly & the vibe is smack on the money.

You can just tell that people who know & care about quality boozers are behind it, from the kitchen to the bar. They couldn’t possibly be knobs, or a part of some corporate chain or large wankie leisure company.

Musically you hear all sorts in here. On recent visits we have heard tunes like Cities by Talking Heads from the ‘Fear Of Music’ album (see Brian Eno page), also tunes as far out & cult cool as the outstanding Marquee Moon by Television.

Always a nice laid back atmosphere, this is also hands down the most animal friendly pub we have ever come across…

Sunday afternoons the dinners are fab & they do dog’s dinners too, meaning there is always a good range of friendly pooches in here.

You can see them all, tucking into a heartie Sunday scran, having a tail waggathon & a catch up on all the weeks doggie gossip, after their important walks in the Dene.

The human food menu also has loads of other meals for dogs on it too, all served with ‘cat flavoured gravy’ etc. – hilarious!

They even have bottles of Dog Beer on sale, which is kinda like runny gravy, for your canine chums.

If you have a dog, you have simply got to start coming here, as it will blow your mind & add greatly to your pet’s social life & network of friendly, four legged, pooch-faced associates.

The addition of the dog friendly vibe is just one more thing that sets this place apart & helps to ensure only friendly people seem to come here.

The Brandling Villa – who would ever have known..? A proper, top notch, local boozer.

If you’ve not been before, this is find of the year material & is an absolutely must visit, dog or no dog.

Click the little green arrow to head back into town now, to check out the Central Station area…