Lets go drinking..!

As well as being WHQ Club, we were also a groundbreaking, really cool Newcastle Bar for 25 years from 1984 to 2009 (see History).

During that time, we developed a taste for the wild life, which resulted in random occasions when we behaved like we were in a crew of pirates…

It was then, that we were able to develop a hearty appetite for the grog & a keen eye, for both a well kept Tavern & skilled Innkeeper…

If you enjoy the Club, you may enjoy the bars on this page.

None of them are what you would call mainstream & are quite probably not what you might expect from the media image that is usually portrayed of bars in Newcastle.

The times they are a changin’

& more & more good little bars are popping up in the city all the time now.

So many of the big chain & leisure company bars in Newcastle are all the same, that these individual little drinking holes here, are well worthy of your support.

If you are a Bar & you are on here, it is because we think you are really worth mentioning & add positively to Newcastle.

Let us begin with the Free Trade in Byker.

So, click that green arrow & we can all pop out for a little drink or two.