This is a great little bar / eaterie that popped up, again down near the Ouseburn Valley & quickly established itself a winner.

It reminds us a lot of Barloco, as it too rocks a laid back Amsterdam style vibe. They have good food & it’s a nice, cosy little place to hang out, with a couple of rooms, well off the beaten track.

It’s become one of the Ouseburn’s real social focal points & easily gets our full seal of approval.

The staff & punters are a good friendly mix & the vibe usually nice & chilled. We were down there the other night & had some great nosh & a load of beers with our crew.

There’s a fab collection of Star Wars figurines on display & you can clearly see that the whole place has had some proper thought put into it.

It’s got a real coolness, kinda sweetly offset by it’s real warmness…

(Eh..? Easy Tiger! You been relaxing again..?!)

Sounds daft, we know, but when you go in you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Yet another great little independent spot to hang out in & it seems the way we’ve always loved bars to be, is finally beginning to really take a proper hold, all across the city after all these years.

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