Formerly called Barkollo, this is a really lovely little spot that has been open a while now & is just down the road from Leazes Park, in the building that used to be Toscana’s Eaterie.

They do beer, food, music & a mixture of differing exhibitions & other cool stuff. They have several rooms & you can also drink & sit outside.

Barloco is very Amsterdam indeed & is a lot like having a drink round at a pal’s little house.

It has a really nice laid back & informal atmosphere & loads of lovely arty eclectic little touches, in both it’s decor & overall groove..

Like all the best bars, you can instantly tell it is run by people who actually care, placing it right in upper echelons of the City’s underground scene

Everything other places seem to be abandoning they embrace…

If you haven’t been here before you absolutely must go, as it will put a smile on your face to see that bars like this one are now open in Newcastle.

The friendly exterior, lit up on a night.

Since way back in the Trent days (see History) we’ve waited for more places like this to open & now it’s finally starting to happen…

You can count us in for sure..!

Simple & cute though it may seem, this bar was a major leap forward for central Newcastle when it opened & we honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s a truly bohemian oasis.

Now it’s time for a really great new place in Exhibition Park, so click away…