1. Introduction to Ronnie

Breaking down the human need forĀ a pooch

(Reader’s voice: Errrr..?

Why is there a massive section on your website about a Dog..?

Are you people nuts? I thought you were meant to be a Nightclub, not a Pet Shop..?)


Do you like thinking..?

Well think about this…

Everyone reading this is descended from early Humans, who kept Dogs.

That means you & your family too & here’s why…

Once early man stopped being nomadic & agriculture was born, people settled in tribes & grew crops as civilisation evolved. They stopped just saying ‘Unga’ & ‘Bunga,’all the time, chasing dinosaurs about & dodging pterodactyls.

Instead they went dating, met Wilma, copped off & had a cub called Bam Bam…

Time to settle down.

The minute they established a settlement with resources growing in their fields, other tribes would always pop over, first thing the morning whilst they slept, to raid their ass & nick all their crops, possibly killing all their family & crew (Pebbles, Barney, Betty etc) in the process.

So to survive back then, you needed a 100% reliable, early warning system you could trust – Dogs.

Over time, any human settlements which did not keep dogs, were raided out of existence or died out. So as man evolved through time, Dogs stayed & have always been by our sides, living in parallel with us, as a companion & protector.

Today in 2016, we feel strongly, that sharing our lives with Ronnie, the WHQ Dog, somehow links us & keeps us in touch with our instinctive, far distant evolutionary past – keeping us truly Human & in touch with the wider, Natural World in the process.

Ronnie provides us with a living counterpoint, to all the nuts & high pressure stuff that goes on when you run a Club & she’s always got our back. Just as the original, domesticated dogs did. They chill you out…

Hanging with her, prevents endless TV adverts, out of control capitalism & ‘It could be you next!!’ rolling news, from messing with our heads & turning us into modern day stupid twats…

‘Compliant Consumers’ – Just like the ‘Powers that Be’ want us all to be… Disconnected people, who don’t give fuck about animals & nature.

Just like so many people today, who think Kanye Breast & Auld Ma Kardie are role models & that running out of fake tan, or not having the latest i-phone, are life or death issues…

Humanity is part of nature, just like animals. We are Great Apes & we all evolved from it.

Humanity isn’t something you gain from fashion, television, or being liked on Twitter.

It’s already inside you & all that hi-tech, instant shopping, commercialisation of everything bollocks – just leads you away from & blinds you to it…

Dog’s reverse all that stuff & keep you grounded & in touch with your true Humanity.

They help you access & retain a true, natural perspective in the crazy, modern world of today.

That’s why this beautiful, natural little Angel shares our lives & is the public figurehead of WHQ & why we are gonna tell her story, right here for you now… x