Yet more critical, veterinary antics

Unbelievably, just a month or so later, Ronnie was back in the wars again..!

She had a big bone which she crunched & swallowed several chunks of whole. This bone messed her up inside & there was blood in her log.

Over the following 24 hrs she became desperately ill…

She vomited several times & wouldn’t eat or drink. She could barely hold her head up & was like a zombie.

You could just tell she was in intense pain & she almost had an ‘I am slipping away…’ vibe.

Once again – it was Emergency Vet time & not a moment too soon…

Her heart rate which should have been around 80 – 100 bpm was up past 150 & she was boiling hot.

he could barely stand & was instantly admitted as an in patient to the Veterinary Hospital. They X-rayed her tummy to see if there was any bone stuck in there.

They also ran blood tests & quickly ascertained that she had a condition called Pancreatitis.

This usually occurs  where there is an adverse reaction to something that has been ingested, which causes the pancreas to swell & produce mad amounts of certain enzymes.

The main enzyme reading for her was seven times above what it should have been & she was in proper trouble…

Over the next three days the miracle workers at Croft Vets stabilised her, got her on a drip to rehydrate her & gave her all the medication she needed to make her well again.

When she chewed her drip out (was bound to happen…) they didn’t mess around & just whacked one in her other leg to make sure she got all of the fluids she so desperately needed.

Ronnie's little legs all shaved from her emergency drips...

Absolute geniuses! We had been so worried that she might not even make it, that to hand her over so messed up & get her back so on the mend, after 3 days in hospital was simply fantastic!

She had to keep up all her medication when she got home & lacked energy for a while, but she is now right as rain.

From now on though, she isn’t allowed any more bones & can only have her dry food.

No treats at all, which is a shame as she always loved a nice juicy pear or bit of chicken breast. It’s a small price to pay though, to keep her in the best of health.

Shall we drone on again about the value of insuring your dog..? Do we really need to..? We think not.

Ok, we know all this medical caper is getting ridiculous, but…

Just 2 days after she came home from hospital Ronnie developed a big lump, on the back of her neck, kinda just up from being between her shoulder blades.

That lump isn't meant to be there...

She already had an appointment booked in the day after, to follow up on her pancreatitis, so the Vet had a good look at it.

It was about the size of an egg & was quite firm. It didn’t seem to be causing her any distress, but as you do with lumps that just appear, we worried it might be cancer.

The Vet assured us it wasn’t, as if it has been, it wouldn’t have just popped up so quickly.

You can clearly see it in this snap here…

You can see it better here - but what the f**k is it..?!!

The best guess was that it was an abscess of some kind, that would do one of 3 things over the weekend – Get smaller & disappear, or get bigger & then maybe burst.

We went back in to get it checked on the Monday & the vet scanned it to see if it was a hard, or juice filled lump.

Turned out to be full of juice, so the vet stuck a syringe in it & drew some of it out. It was a mix of pus & blood, so he reckoned it was an area where she had been given injections for her pancreatitis, that had become badly infected & formed an abscess.

So another course of strong antibiotics was all that was needed this time.

Honestly, what a hound..! It’s a good job that walking her is so relaxing, as all this recent Veterinary caper has been a proper stress on everyone concerned.

We are so happy that she is OK now though. We hate it when she isn’t well, as she is our friend, so we want her to have a happy & stress free life, where she can live as near to being wild as is practical & still live with humans.

That’s the best way for dogs to be – Nice & free.