9. Back to the old Country


After a very busy Autumn & Xmas, once she was fully recovered from her cut foot, Ronnie headed back to Southern Ireland to chill out for a bit after New Year.

She did a lot of exploring & got to know the area she had visited back in the Summer much better.

One day she found this ancient, smaller version of a kind of Stonehenge…

She liked the vibes there & hung out for a long while, just taking all the surrounding countryside in. While in Ireland she listened to nothing but Van Morrison all holiday.

She had a fab time again & took in all her old haunts in Roscarberry. As it was now mid winter, there were no tourists about, so she more or less had the whole place to herself.

The beaches were properly windswept & she had a really good run about in her new coat & then hit all her favourite bars & natural beauty spots out there too.

One afternoon at the beach she bumped into her old flame Ronin the Husky, who she had a holiday romance with back in Summertime when she first visited.

She was very, very pleased to see him again.

Ronnie was over the moon to see Ronin again....

From time to time people bring Ronnie little gifts into the Club. Here are some nibbles her Aunty An brought her, when she came out dancing to the Club with us.

We always make sure she gets any treats she is sent & they are very, very much appreciated.