4. Ronnie Scotland

Far, Far away

For the first couple of weeks of 2011 Ronnie decided to have another little holiday.

Xmas & New Year had been a busy time for her, so she went to a remote peninsula in the highlands of Scotland called Knoydart, to chill out a bit & enjoy some solitude.

To get there she had to drive for ages & ages & then go in a boat, as it is so mountainous it isn’t accessible by car.

She went to a very small settlement in the shadow of a big mountain range. It has no shops, a few houses & the most remote pub in mainland Britain called ‘The Old Forge’.

Everyone there was really friendly & as always, she made lots of new pals.

Ronnie stayed in a lovely Ecolodge called Knoydart House, which she took to instantly & made herself right at home.

Once she settled right in & got the hang of the place, she was up to all her usual cheeky & naughty little  tricks – like stealing gloves & attempting to eat them, so that she got to play chasey & generally go on like an attention seeking mini terrorist…

She also did a bit of mashing up of her bed, like a proper little radge, to pull all the stuffing out of it, just for old times sake.

Once she had wrecked it, she then started doing her best to look like a little innocent angel, in whose mouth butter wouldn’t melt…


The middle of nowhere

The entire area around Knoydart is very beautiful & she absolutely loved it there. It is the very epitome of getting away from it all & much of it is simply breathtaking.

It overlooks a big Loch that goes out into the sea, so it had a shoreline as well as mountains & woods.

It was here down by the shore, that Ronnie found a big fish that had been washed up with the tide. She had never ever seen a big fish before…

After giving it a good sniff to ensure that it was stinky enough, she picked it up & ran off to eat a bit of it & then bury it… She thought she was great!

Knoydart also has very big high mountains & glens, with peaks covered in a thick blanket of snow. You can walk all day & not see another living soul.

Ronnie loved running around on the mountains, sniffing things out, chasing deer & generally getting a proper full on outdoor workout. At first from a distance, the Deer weren’t quite sure what Ronnie was…

They didn’t stick around too long to find out though, once she took off after them like a bolt of lightning…

Is that one of us...?

Here she is with her luminous coat on, like a little tiny speck miles off in the distance, chasing a herd of Deer so fast & so far away you can barely make them out…

The chase is on...

She really took to the outdoor life way up in the the hills & her fitness levels went through the roof…

At times she was so high up the mountains that she was actually up in the middle of the clouds…

The great outdoors is absolutely her favourite thing & she spent all day, every day, going mental & chasing everything that moved.

She was in constant hunting mode & always on the lookout for a quality chase.

Now where are those pesky deer..?

She had an unfortunate little episode with one of the free range chickens from the village, the outcome of which you can most probably guess?

But with apologies made & compensation paid, you don’t really need any further details.

When she got home from the wilds in the evenings she was really mellow & completely worn out. She is lovely all the time, but when she is all worn out & floppy she is just so, so, lovely & sweet & she smells just like biscuits.


Time to go home

After a couple of really fantastic weeks it was time to get back on the boat once again & head for home..

There is a kind of karmic groove that you get from seeing your dog at one with nature, that can’t really be put into words… You just feel her.

She really didn’t want to leave & is already dying to go back there again one day, which she will.

It was a long, seven hour drive back & Ronnie slept & dreamed of chasing deer all the way home. She knew for sure that she had just been on the best holiday of her whole life.

Come & see the new little chums, she sniffed out… x