12. Apex Predator

Tasty Birds

So glad was she to get her cone off, that she went into hunting overdrive & for a short period, actually started to catch quite a few things. When she was little she once caught a crow in her mouth, up by Forsythe Road, but all it’s mates ganged up & mobbed her, swooping & dive bombing until she let it go free.

The National Union of Crows...

After that there was the unfortunate chicken in Scotland, further back in the story, which she mercilessly slaughtered… Now she was fully recovered from her toe surgery, she also took down a magpie, which she again had to let go, as magpies, like crows & water buffalo, have a proper union they can all join & gang up & fight back, as a proper cohesive unit, if you pick on any one of them.

two shop stewards from the NUM...

Not one to ever get disheartened, Ronnie kept at it & also captured one of those big, fat, wild pigeon/dove type things that you get down the Dene. This pigeon was not so lucky, as he wasn’t a union member &  must have been somewhat unpopular with his mates…

Poor little tory-boy wood pigeon wished he'd never listedned to maggie thatcher...

Thus, no other birds came to his aid & he was slaughtered & devoured, on the spot. Ronnie has no mercy in these situations.


The moral of the story is, if there is a union where you work – join it & all stand together.


Tasty rodents

Rat as an evil entitiy propaganda shot, to make Ronnie's instinctive murders seem somehow justified....Ronnie’s most dramatic carry on though, was with one of the many rats she goes after. You might not think it, as you don’t see them often, but Jesmond Dene is absolutely teaming with big rats. When you are as totally committed as Ronnie has been her whole life, to chasing & hunting them down, the law of averages says eventually you will catch one…

So it was that one sunny day, shortly after her toe was better & her cone was off, Ronnie landed herself a massive fat rat in the river, after an epic chase. Unfortunately (not just for the rat) all this happened on a busy weekend afternoon down there & the whole Dene was heaving with people & families with small children.

You can probably guess the rest, as sweet little, butter wouldn’t melt Ronnie, instantly disemboweled the monster rat & paraded her trophy through the Dene, shaking & spinning it around in her blood drenched mouth, so the entrails ‘helicoptered’ as she strutted past a succession of horrified, happy Sunday strolling families…

She couldn’t be stopped, despite our best efforts & after a lifetime of trying, there was no way she was ever giving it up. You could just see just how obviously pleased she was with herself. It was 100% mortifying & to say her triumphant trot, past the ice cream van at a busy Pets Corner was also surreal, is the epitome of understatement.

She caught several others rats while on patrol in the Dene as well & here she is showing off a particularly fine specimen she nabbed one morning.

Here’s another one, she just can’t help herself & is a living example of a predator, survival of the fittest & evolution in process.

Throughout the rest of Spring & early Summer, she had a great time. Here she is at the Green Festival in Leazes Park which she likes very much.

Ronnie at the Green Festival in Leazes Park


Tasty Girl

Despite her instinctive hunting, she is still an absolute angel & we love her to bits.

A little angel in her WHQ T shirt, all ready to get tucked in...x