8. Ronnie in the wars…


Ronnie lives next door to a big student occupied house, so this means her neighbours are a different set of students each year.

Some years they are cool & she likes them, some years they aren’t & she doesn’t.

One year, they were dicks & she hated them.

Rugger boys pin up idol...

They were the kind of students who toss a rugby ball about in the street, in between parked cars, in the middle of the day, when they could just go to the park & do it instead, but they want to show all the girls who walk past on their way to the corner shop, what massive, tory-boy toffs they are.

Hello girls...

Why they think these kind of public school, tiffinesque, I was a near slave in first year thus you must be, boarding school antics will make them attractive to the opposite sex – is a mystery to little Ronnie.

Anyway, they do it in the back lane too & Ronnie doesn’t like it if she is having a kip in the yard & they are out in the lane ‘rahing’ about & making a load of racket.

Their ball keeps getting kicked over the wall too & they are constantly knocking at the door, asking for it back, interrupting her afternoon snooze & irritating her.

Ronnie..! Oh Ronnie dearest... Can one have our ball back please...?!

One day she decided she had had enough & when their ball came over the wall yet again, she decided she would play with it herself & leapt on it, burst it with her gnashers & then tore it into tiny shreds.

When they came to the door later, they were only able to collect tiny little scraps of ball, as she had totally demolished it.

None Ronnie releated newspaper article, scabbed off the web & added in to assist with the visual flow or the story...

Later that evening she started to cough… A really dry wheezing cough, like she had something stuck down her throat.

It got worse & worse as the night went on & we were worried that she had a bit of the toff’s ball stuck in her windpipe.

Soon it was so dry & raspy that we had no option but get her straight to the Vets, so off she went.

The Vet asked about her day & then decided it might be best to knock her out & stick a camera down her windpipe, to see if there was a bit a bit of ball obstructing it.

He said he thought it was highly unlikely though & that it was most probably just a case of a thing called ‘Kennel Cough,’ which dogs can just catch from other dogs who have it, when they are out on their walks.

Safety first though, so poor little Ronnie was kept in overnight & underwent the camera down the gullet caper, to see what was what.

The next day the Vet said they had found absolutely nothing, so they were now sure it was Kennel Cough & that it must just be a coincidence that it had started on the same day she munched on the toff’s ball.

It was a bit of luck really, as if she had got some ball stuck it would have meant an operation & she wouldn’t like that much.

Kennel Cough is nasty… Really, really, nasty…

Kennel Cough is a proper bitch...

Your dog coughs & wheezes in the most dry rasping & painful way. It’s really upsetting for them & extremely upsetting to have to watch too.

It’s easily treated though & the treatment is a load of doggie drugs.

Ronnie also had to stay indoors for two weeks, so she didn’t transmit it to any of her doggie chums while it slowly cleared up.

She was not happy about that at all, but with the treatment, was soon better & back out on manoeuvres once again.

The cost of knocking her out, poking a camera down her neck, keeping her in overnight at the state of the art Vet Hospital & then subsequently treating her Kennel Cough, was astronomical.

But as we had her insured, it only cost us the £50 excess on her policy, which weighed  up against the actual care she got –  is a proper bargain.

All that vetinary care for just £50 seemed like a miracle...

The best thing was we were able to ensure she got the best possible care, as soon as she got ill & without the stress of worrying about how we would pay for it all.

You can clearly see the moral of this story – Which is, if you love your dog , insure your dog.

Ronnie doing her dance moves to Sly & the Family Stone...

Ronnie is a big fan of Halloween. She gets to go down to the Club for a visit, on the afternoon of the day we have our annual WHQ Halloween party, so she can whiz about & play in the leaves on the dancefloor.

She also gets to come round with us, when we go to dish the prizes out & meets all the winners of the costume competition.

5* Zip Girl in her winning Halloween costume...

She is very, very sociable so she loves to do all that type of meet & greet caper.

In 2011 there were more prizes given out that in any previous year & she spent a whole day going round to people’s houses, giving out prizes in person.

Here she is with overall competition winner 5* Zip girl, who luckily for Ronnie wasn’t still wearing her ultra scary costume when we arrived.

Ronnie was pleased to find that she's no where near as scary in real life...

Around the start of November 2011 Ronnie cut her foot really badly. She was hunting in the bushes in Armstrong park & some thoughtless twat who had been drinking in there, had left a smashed wine bottle on the ground.

Ronnie runs so fast, that when she stepped on the broken glass, the whole of the pad on the base of her foot was virtually severed.

Blood was everywhere & it was a really serious injury that took weeks for her to recover from.

That's gotta hurt..!

Because of where it was & the granular nature of a dog’s foot pads, it couldn’t be stitched. This meant Ronnie had to get all shaved & have a bandage on her foot for nearly 3 weeks.

What was even worse was it meant she also had wear a big cone on her head, to stop her chewing the dressing off & she couldn’t go out for ages & was house bound.

Even to go out in the yard for a widdle she had to have a little plastic bag put over her dressing.


The combination of being kept indoors & having to wear her cone all the time made her deeply, deeply, depressed…

When she gets like that Ronnie just goes all quiet & nothing will cheer her up. She just loafs about as if a little black cloud is hanging over her head.

It was a very difficult time for her & we all shared her deep sadness.

Had we actually been fortunate enough to catch up with the stupid inconsiderate twat who left the broken bottle in the park, we would have happily broken their face, back & hands for them, severed their ears & smashed all the bones in their feet.

We would then have burned them alive & chopped off their hands to get justice for little Ronnie.

While we passed the time as Ronnie slowly recovered, by dreaming of more & more exotic ways to torture & dismember drunken bottle smashers, luckily the cost of her vet bills was one thing we didn’t have to worry about, as we have always had her insured.

Just as well, as once again the cost of the Vet bills were a bit of a shocker..!

We have said it before but here it comes again – It’s always a good idea to insure your dog & it’s a false economy if you don’t. By insuring your dog you always know you can get her the care she needs straight away, without worrying, whatever the cost.

Without doubt, Ronnie’s insurance has turned out to be one of the wisest purchases we have ever made.

The further into her story you scroll the more often she ends up back at the vets & the whole insurance caper proves to be a lifesaver once again.