Baby Ronnie WHQ’s Pup

Ever fancied getting a Dog & not sure if you really want one..?

Read this & see what you reckon.

It’s the story of our Club Mascot & the biggest personality in the place.

Baby Ronnie – The WHQ Pup x.


1. Introduction to Ronnie

Come & meet our little Angel... If you're thinkning of getting a dog, this section of the website is especially for you. As if you aren't sure, reading this will let you know just how wonderful, traumatic & rewarding living with your dog, as an equal can be x

2. A cool puppy arrives

The little Pup comes home with us & starts to grow... Her ears stick up, she goes out for the first time & heads for school.

3. A holiday & operation

Ronnie loves the woods, gets her bits whipped out & has a nice holiday...

4. Ronnie Scotland

Ronnie rocks the glens, goes totally back to nature, gets super fit & gives the deer a proper run for their money...

5. Message in a bottle

Like something out of a fairy story, Ronnie makes some unexpected & great new Dutch pals via the medium of total, utter magic...

6. Modeling & Taking the throne

Ronnie takes the WHQ crown from the Jaguar & begins her intergration as Queen of the Club...

7. The Emerald isle

Ronnie takes southern Ireland by storm, goes bananas, wins a trophy & gets a fat lip we have to suck. There's a holiday romance in there as well...

8. Ronnie in the wars…

An abject lesson in why you should insure your pet & musings on the various ways you can injure & maim people that might hurt her because of their disrespect for nature.

9. Back to the old Country

Back she goes... Ronnie rekindles a long lost love, in the ancient land.

10. The exploding paw

"Plant matter" devastates ronnies foot & it's amputation time...


As we near the end of Ronnie's story, we make time for a widdle & a sarnie.

12. Apex Predator

Ronnie can't help herself. Everything must die... (this page is not for the squeamish, or the under 18)


Back to the vets & this time it's touch & go, in a proper life & death situation...

14. Ronnie Forever

What do you mean you don't get bathed with your dog every christmas day... What are you, nuts..?!