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All cool people & creatures who live on this planet’s surface, are welcome to join up & become members of our musically & racially harmonic, girl-friendly little Club. You don’t have to be a member to come & visit WHQ, but it makes your life easier if you are. Scroll down to sign up.

Joining WHQ means you get a pound off each time you come on a weekend & that we’ll also drop you the newsletter we send out each week, with news about all cool shows in the Club.

Also, importantly, if you are strangers or a group of guys, it makes it slightly easier for us to know that you are cool & ensure you get into the Club, when you come down at the weekend.


Here is The WHQ Admissions Policy

All about WHQ Membership

At WHQ we only deal with friendly people. Our Club is not some mainstream, corporate venue where the customer is always right… If the potential customer appears obnoxious, staggers about, or goes on in any sort of way that friendly, cool people would consider to be lairy, then we’re not interested in having them in our special little Club & they don’t get past the front door.

(Editor’s note: If you are in any doubt, please refer to the story, over in Complaint Corner re: Prince Goffrin Of Westros).

If you are cool people you are very welcome here & we don’t want to you to get turned away by our strict door policy, so wise up & get membership.

Joining is free & you also get a snazzy membership card with Ronnie, the WHQ dog on it. This card will not only get you discounts at the Club, it will also bring good fortune & excellent karma into your everyday life.

Being a member of WHQ is a good & worthwhile thing to do. It means more than being aligned with any other place. We are the City’s only truly independent Club & home to our own genuine, underground, fab, multiracial, musically diverse subculture. At WHQ we stand for equality, consistency & longevity & we will never sell out.

We do things our own way, promoting & shaping our culture from the inside, rather than letting passing fads & the rest of the city dictate how we roll.

There has been a lapdancing hovel a few hundred yards around the corner from us for some time now & we keep things extra tight doorwise, so that none of the sexually dysfunctional & stupid twats who frequent it, can cross our threshold, ever. We don’t cater for lap dance/stag party type fuckwits, so we draw the bar high at the door, to ensure that this remains the case.

Become a member of World Headquarters & feel free to spread the word to your best friends.

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