Are you mad young kids full of crazy ideas, niche music & ready to really go for it? Or established promoters, looking to put on something a bit cooler & more personal? Or maybe you’re a marginalised, cool charity on the fringe of society, or just looking to book yourself a little birthday party?

You are all in the right place – So get in touch today & become part of a really Dynamic Duo.

We’re at the opposite end of the credibility scale to Newcastle’s ‘orange geordie’ gubbins. At World Headquarters, we are always there. Check out our pedigree in the History section & you’ll see that we are a proper Underground Club, a place that loads of independent, strong, credible & long-lasting Club nights have grown from, since way back in the day.

All kinds of crazy, top notch, worthwhile stuff goes down here & when you think about it… Your idea, plus our size & atmosphere..? Could very well be a total winner, so get in touch today.

So get in touch today

Feel free to drop us an e mail with any initial ideas you wanna chat about. We keep our mouths shut, so you’ll be speaking in complete confidence.

No do too small, believe us when we say, we’ve got time for you & all your crazy ideas & you’ll be stunned just how far, together, we can take them. Imagine..?

Like – It’s a year’s time & you are actually making your living from Clubnights?!

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Contact us for hire enquiries via e-mail on info@welovewhq.com or bell us on 0191 281 3445.

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