Hey, guess what..? We started out with zero experience too… Just like all the promoters of the many regular, established, independently promoted Clubnights that we host in WHQ today. So we have a listening ear & many of the questions & problems you may face getting your act nice &  tight, we have the answers to already…

Even if you’ve never run Club nights before, WHQ is the one place you can really make it work. We will help & advise with all aspects of promo, from making flyers, to tips & help with distribution. We can also help guide you through the minefield of dealing with agents, advise on contracts & booking artists etc. Our goal is to help to ensure that you always make money, not lose it.

Contact us for hire enquiries via e-mail on info@welovewhq.com or bell us on 0191 281 3445.

We’ll make you an event page on this site & we can make you an admin of our facebook page, so you can update people who come to the Club regularly about your event. We’ll also display your posters/flyers in the run up to your show, let you use our City Council flyer passes (so you’ll not get nicked) & rest assured, whatever we can do to help you succeed, we’ll do for ya.

We cater for live gigs, Club nights, A-list Dj shows, charity fundraisers, birthdays, course parties, theatre events, spoken word type stuff & probably anything else your crazy mind can come up with. We have super friendly & helpful staff, projectors on both floors for visuals & fantastic sound throughout. All kinds of cool, independent Djs, party people, promoters & societies put really successful stuff on in WHQ.

This means we are always hosting a really wide variety of diverse, interesting, entertaining & exciting, parties, independently promoted Club nights,  live gigs & charity dos, kicking off almost every evening of the week.

These range from fashion shows & regular cutting edge Club nights featuring A-list Djs, to high end Burlesque parties & hip, minority audience stuff, like Rap battles & Breakdancing competitions. We also do specialist all inclusive events, for people with learning & physical disabilities as well.

Basically – If it’s underground & quality, we do it, but if it’s mainstream nonsense, we swerve it.