We charge peanuts and we run the bar and all the staffing. It’s your show, so what you charge on the door is your business. All we require are the aforementioned peanuts & that your people are cool.

Bring your own DJs to spin from our massive Dj booth, or you can have ours. The more bods you get in, the less peanuts you give us – Couldn’t be simpler.

Blink twice & you’ll be running one of the wildly successful nights, that could only have succeeded here @ WHQ.



Experience taught us to play everybody straight, that is exactly what we do & people promote here because of that.

Anything from the littlest private party, to the biggest two floor A-list event is possible, so drop us an e mail today on info@welovewhq.com or bell us on 0191 281 3445.



We built our Club up from absolutely nothing (see History in the top menu).

The experience we can bring to your ideas, means that you can do that too, by promoting your dos here with us…

We offer the cheapest hire rates in the city & it’s always worth having a face to face chit chat with us, to see what can be worked out for your event.

If you fancy having a crack at running your own Club night this term, now is a good time to take the first step, so drop us a line today.

Contact us for hire enquiries via e-mail on info@welovewhq.com or bell us on 0191 281 3445.



Downstairs, our new Soundsystem is installed now too, so the sound down there is beyond belief. We’ve added loads more couches as well, so it’s really nice & intimate.

There’s a private crew room for Djs / entourages / etc. to hang out in too & really great acoustics – You’ll love it.

In terms of bands, gigs & live antics, the downstairs room has a cool stage, excellent sightlines, a big well staffed & stocked bar & a nice flat load in.

It is a great venue to play in, or to come to see a band smash it live. If you are a hot live act, we’ve got the venue if you’ve got the shapes.

We cut amazing deals on pre 11.00pm shows & often tie that in with free admission at the weekend, after the gig, for all your people to continue partying.