The spookiest of the spooks…

That’s us chums, we have a long & unrivaled Halloween tradition at the Club.

Click on any other year to see the amazing costumes from that chapter of this mad annual event, gushing & ultra harsh (in places) narration.

It’s a lot more than just a competition & a crazy night out..

Halloween 2018

Voting is now open..! You can vote for up to 5 costumes each, so make your votes count & get clicking..!

Halloween 2017

Another year laced with unforgettable entries & consummate disasters – The winners have now been announced…! x

Halloween 2016

Another year laced with unforgettable entries & consummate disasters – The winners have now been announced…! x

Halloween 2015

Boo..! Only about 300 days late…The year we also got distracted in updating the site, making everything, but especially Halloween & voting, even slicker. Just when we were starting to wonder if the bar could possibly be raised any higher…

Halloween 2014

Here’s the full 2014 competition in all it’s warped glory. Another top year of spooky revelry, when yet again, the bar was raised all the way to hyperspace… x

Halloween 2013

The year we introduced drop down categories & a fly new user friendly voting system, which made the whole totaling the votes caper far easier. The turnout was the best ever & again, the hilarious costumes were ace & it really did exceed all our wildest spook expectations…

Halloween 2012

This year we got distracted & it took ages to write. Finally, only 13 months late, we announced the winners…. Outrageous! we hear you cry. Read all about the fiasco of the record breaking Halloween that seemed to never bliddy end, right here…

Halloween 2011

Ha! It really came together this year. The whole world came & the costumes just got better & more intricate & elaborate. The hilarious commentary wrote itself, during the course of one long, insane, sleepless week. The WHQ Halloween Costume Competition was now a true & total phenomenon.

Halloween 2010

After seeing 2009 online, everyone wanted a crack at it & the whole city turned out for 2010. The mad costumes got even better & the number of entrants went through the flippin’ roof. We spent ages with the commentary & the competition leaped forward. Some of the outfits were totally out of this world.

Halloween 2009

At WHQ we had always held Halloween fancy dress parties that were totally insane. This one year, we thought for a laugh we’d photo the costumes & run a competition in which people could vote for their favourites to win a prize. And so, from this humble beginning, a monster of epic proportions was born.