Why we changed the name of the building

When we first found what is now Curtis Mayfield House, it was a derelict warehouse built on the site of the old Newcastle City Gaol, which dated back to medieval times.

The building was then called ‘India House’ & around the corner in the same block is another building called ‘British India House’.

India House was totally derelict, having been left, stood vacant for years.

We believe there was some kind of connection between these two old buildings & the rubber trade, from back in time, when India was ‘ruled’ by Queen Victoria & her oppressive, sadistic chums. Way back when colonisation, racism & exploitation were still thought to be a good look.

Also, given that it was on the site of the old City Gaol, where doubtlessly hundreds of people perished & rotted, that made it even more in need of a karmic rethink.

Rather than help perpetuate any kind of outdated colonial silliness, or death for a loaf of bread-type ‘justice’, we decided to give the building a brand new name, as we intended to alter the course of it’s meaning, context & future forever.

Originally our very first ideas were David Attenborough House, or Aretha Franklin House.

But as we wanted to directly challenge it’s shady history & mark the fact one of the greatest vocalists of all time had sadly recently passed away, we settled on Curtis Mayfield House.