Muhammad Ali brought us together

We first met Bridge & Tunnel a good few years ago, when we put a little bit of money into an experimental documentary they were making about Muhammad Ali’s 1977 visit to South Shields.

Funds to film in America were needed to finish it, so we chipped in, as we love Muhammad very dearly.

A bit later we also visited the USA with them & hung out with Ali’s inspirational daughter Hana…

Read how we first met Tina’s gang, on the King of South Shields page, over in Stuff We Like & you can watch the documentary trailer if you click here.

All about them

Bridge & Tunnel Productions is an independent media production company that produces a mad range of unique, exciting & challenging cinematic art, both mainstream & community based. It is run by our friend Tina & her chums. Basically, they make great, meaningful  films…

As film makers go, they are at the absolute top of their game. Sir Ben Kingsley was a patron of one of their most recent feature films & said of it…

‘In our economic climate this is a film of vital importance… Tina aims to make a life-enhancing film. An important and much-needed film.”

It’s called I am Nasrine’ & is a really moving, cool film. It won Best Screenplay at the Brooklyn Film Festival 2012. Tina was also nominated in the 2013 prestigious BAFTA Awards, as Best Director, for all her work on making the movie.

Here’s the trailer for it, you’ll be amazed how effortlessly cool it all looks.

What else do they do..?

Tina & the team behind Bridge & Tunnel, have over 30 years experience in the film production sector & their massive portfolio of award-winning work encompasses fiction, groundbreaking documentaries, cutting edge art gallery & museum projects, as well as fabulous feature films.

All their projects are always really interesting, thought provoking & are a breath of fresh air, when you compare them to a lot of the ludicrous waffle you generally see at the cinema & on TV these days.

It’s easy to forget actual reality & real humanity, if you watch certain so called TV ‘reality’ shows. The false idea, that fake & vacuous nonsense equals entertainment, is one that we are not down with.

(Editor’s note: This is the only version of the Kardashians we can stand to watch, absolutely classic..!)

So that’s why we need teams like Bridge & Tunnel so much. Because they represent the polar opposite of that vacant, how much surgery have you had twaddle.

Founded on a cool principle of making movies with an uncompromising creative vision & social relevance, their projects often revolve around themes of identity, migration & equality.

Now in their 15th year & with a growing international reputation, Bridge & Tunnel Productions’ work is widely (& rightfully) recognised for raising the awareness & appreciation of cultural diversity.

Their Charitable angle…

As well as their film production work, they’ve a sister charity organisation, Bridge & Tunnel Voices. Here they do educational & charitable activities, like development & delivery of interactive online projects, training & production schemes, for loads of diverse communities & youngsters, looking at racism, community cohesion, migration-type stuff.

Bridge & Tunnel have made some outstanding films & are true friends of ours, who we are very pleased to be able to have here in Curtis Mayfield House with us. They bring a whole new angle to our building & compliment the overall WHQ Groove extremely well.

They also have space on their floor for you to rent, for exhibitions & seminars etc. So feel free to get in touch with them directly for a chat about your idea by clicking here. See for yourself the amazing movies & projects they do, making a real, genuine difference in the world.


Amazing Yoga

There are Yoga Classes up on their floor, which they do on a weekly basis. Get in touch with them if you might like to go, or if you have something you yourself might like to do that requires that kinda space.

Chances are you won’t meet this guy at your Yoga class & though the link is at best tenuous, he is only one letter out & seems appropriate…

Yeah, we know that’s a bit poor, rest assured we’ll pop back & funny that up once we finish the site. Gotta keep on movin… x.