Grumble, grumble, hustle, moan…

Hi Chums & an extra special welcome to all you first time visitors x.

Those of you who are Corner regulars need not fret – all the classics are still in here, but as we’ve recently updated this entire site…

(Reader’s voice: Yes, we noticed, you’ve done an amazing job, so talented, so versatile – just, so, so, effortlessly fly..! Wherever do you find the time..? etc., etc., etc.) 

…We thought we’d update this section for you too.

At WHQ we grew up in Bars & Clubs, so lock-in life & daft japes are just part of our DNA.

We really like a good chuckle we do, so we’ve added a boatload of brand new, sumptuous content & billions of new images for you, as along with the History bit, this is one of the most popular sections on the World HQ site.

The image rollovers are well worth a lap/desktop, but giggle wise, this still works well without them, on your phone, sat on the bus, or potty… if you need a big fat log.

There’s been plenty going on at the Club, since we last updated this section & we can promise you that we have some classics for you. Proper classics… Proper, proper, absolute classics.

If you see ones that you really like, please do feel free to share them via social media…

(bush telegraph, smoke signals, or whatever)

& let’s get that giggling started & then shared, all across this beautiful Planet of ours.


Why would we do this..?

People often ask us just why we bother to do this..?

It’s because WHQ is an actual, proper Club.

A Club we all share in & are a part of & we thought you might like to see the real life, behind the scenes WHQ caper.

Also, we can if we like, so we do.


It’s special

It’s not just what all we do at WHQ that makes this Club so special…

One of the reasons we run a good Club is because of the type of things we say no to…

So let’s do the insight bit, so we all know the what & why of this mad little thing.

Then we can get on with introducing you to the broad & hilarious variety, of hustlers, grumblers, shakedown merchants & uppity little Gibbons, that our young Deborah has to give a proper telling.

Ok, click that green arrow & let’s nail some Banana heads.