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Original Message – From: Diane – To: WHQ – Subject: New submission from Contact Us

Good afternoon

After reading your article “History and Culture WHQ” we was extremely impressed with the standing you have made in the community and the work you continue to do.

Wadds were proud to be mentioned in the article and loved the picture.  We would love a copy if it is available.

As a company we still hold our traditional beliefs we had back in the day but have expanded not in size but in experience and our Contracts Manager has just completed a site survey in Nigeria to re-instate the 120 year old stained glass.

(Editors note: not all Glazers were as popular in their local communities…)

As you can imagine Nigeria was an “eye opener” for him but loved the experience, the people and the food.

We both would love to learn more about your experiences at the time and would love to come and “chew the fat” with you when you have a bit of free time.

As always we are still here 24/7 to assist you with any broken windows.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Kind Regards
Diane Ince, Manager


that was nice to hear

Original Message –
From: WHQ  – To: Diane   – Subject: Re: New submission from Contact Us

Thanks for your kind words Diane, I’ll pass your e mail over to the Head of our team.

Love Debbie x.

How nice of them to get in touch! We haven’t had a chance to catch up again with the Wadds Gang yet, but we deffo will when we have a spare moment x.