Up the hill backwards…

The Glitterati

When David Bowie died, we, like most other people were gutted…

As with when anyone famous dies these days, online conspiracy theories instantly sprung up, giving assorted ‘keyboard warriors’ the limelight & 15 minutes of fame they craved, to at long last get themselves noticed.

This was done by giving him a good slagging & disrespecting his memory, by claiming he was a child molester…


Frank’s Posse

It’s becoming a modern phenomenon, just check these two bananas who stopped the Metro recently, protesting about some innocent Paediatrician or other on Byker Bridge…

From what we could see, their only ‘evidence’ for this assertion about David, was simply based on what other would be keyboard warriors had posted.

It’s like that swift, totally groundless, mention of paedophillia, then ‘Let’s all go round Frankenstein’s house with pitchforks’ mentality…

We don’t let the media (social or otherwise) or the mob set our agenda, as at WHQ are free thinkers & can make our own minds up.

Let’s have some context

Within a couple of days of David’s passing we arranged to do a Bowie tribute night, playing all his best tunes though our amazing new Soundsystem.

Whenever anyone significant in our musical or political world passes at WHQ we always honour them like this, as we did for Prince, Nina Simone, Gil Scott Heron, Muhammad Ali etc.

Pretty please Universe… Not Joni Mitchell – Never x.

We are known for that & these days when someone of David’s significance (& there are not many…) sadly dies, often the first thing we know about it is people texting us, to ask when the do at the Club will be..?

We put up all their record covers behind the Bar & DJ booth upstairs & the night is a celebration & a much needed chance for people, who feel personally affected by their death to dance it out & work through their feelings of grief.

So we put the Bowie event up & had this little fellow below, Hector, troll the arse off it, claiming we were endorsing paedophilia (Editor’s note: which is totally, utterly, ridiculous)

We don’t spat publicly on Facebook (unless we are sleep deprived), as our Club isn’t about that, so we promptly messaged the miserable little fellow to take him to task…

Yo’ Mister..!

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Hector – Subject: Re: David Bowie


Hi Hector, you may want to get swept away in recent conspiracy theories, you can if you like.

Doesn’t mean we have to, so please do not troll our events with totally unproven gossip the media has shaped you to be you daft enough to believe, with zero evidence.

Best wishes WHQ X

Lecture man kicks off…

Original Message – From: Hector – To: WHQ – Subject: Re: David Bowie

I haven’t watched TV or read a newspaper in years.

I have however read verified accounts of the female whose virginity he took.

She consented, at least she did after 5 months of chatting up.

There’s no conspiracy at all. Many fans of his music are “swept away” so far, that they’re seemingly happy to ignore or refute what is clearly heinous, regardless of the times, or of the frequency of similar acts amongst the rich and powerful. That is “daft” at best.

For as long as I can remember whq has been rooted in good ethics, justice, freedom etc. I am therefore flabbergasted at your stance which flies in the face of that legacy.

The man and the music are not one in the same.a historical, spiritual or emotional connection with the music does not justify ignorance of grooming, statutory rape nor paedophilia in the honouring our defence of the man.

Certainly less evil than Gary Glitter, but it’s a clear line, he crossed it quite clearly, in a calculated and deliberate manner.

He is therefore a paedophile, no matter how difficult that may be to accept.

(Readers voice: I see what you did there – Highly unlikely…)

Hold up – Wait a minute..!!

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Hector – Subject: Re: David Bowie


we can barely contain our disinterest…’

He crossed it quite clearly’ – you were there were you..?

Like we say, you can think what you like, it doesn’t give you the right to lecture us or dictate, in any way, at any time, what we choose to represent with our Club.

The legacy you speak of is ours, so we’ll decide how that gets presented.


The whole Bowie conspiracy theory caper, which we’re sure most people are aware of, just strongly reminds us of the Westbro Baptist Church, picketing dead soldiers funerals…

(Editorial insert – Here they are readers, picketing a dead soldier’s funeral, fucking with a family’s grief – All because gay people were allowed to join the army…)

When you build your Club & hold your ‘Bowie is a kiddie fiddler’ night, do let us know how it goes. Like we said, you are entitled to your opinion, but you aren’t entitled to ram it down everyone else’s throat.

Enjoy your opinion, but accept that we don’t want to share it with you, or see it trolled on pages we manage.

We do what we like, when we like, but we don’t do facebook tennis, as it’s pointless, so let’s leave it there. Cheers, WHQ x.


Lecture Man gets colloquial…

Original Message – From: Hector – To: WHQ – Subject: Re: David Bowie

It’s cush man, he made some belta tunes.

(Editor’s note: One of which we shall topically insert here readers, for your enjoyment, because we know that you, just like us, loved the Man x)


Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Hector – Subject: Re: David Bowie

That’s not the point… The point is he’s passed & we choose to respect & mark that in our Club. It wouldn’t be WHQ if we allowed outsiders to set our agenda, or tell us what to do – that’s never gonna happen x.

One word

Original Message – From: Hector– To: WHQ – Subject: Re: David Bowie

Irrelevant point really. Of course you set clubs agenda.

& that was that. The conspiracy died down & it’s  safe to say that no one has seen a Bowie version of this ultra controversial little quip…