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 Hi, We’re the little guys…

Original Message – From:  Liam & Luke  – To: WHQ – Subject: New submission from Contact Us

To whom it may concern,

We are interested in finding out which requirements and standards are needed by DJ’s to be able to play/perform at WHQ?

We are hopefully looking to obtain slots at your venue as well as around the local area and are curious to what main characteristics large clubs, like yourself, are looking for.

We are a DJ duo from Newcastle and it would be greatly appreciated if we could receive your thoughts and feedback. Thank you.

Yours faithfully, Liam Scott & Luke Watson.


Hi, We get that, we’re from the same place…

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Liam & Luke  – Subject: Re: New submission from Contact Us

Hi Lads,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We never book djs to play WHQ, unless we know they will sell tickets & we can all make money.

Lots of young DJs starting out, automatically assume Clubs might hire them for their musical talent, but if they don’t have a following & their reputation isn’t able to sell tickets, as a business, we can’t work with them.

All the shows we do have to generate income & we don’t ever take chances on unknowns. We can’t afford to.

We do however, nurture, encourage & push new djs & promoters into becoming proper businesses, if they are smart enough to work with us & take our advice.

The way the vast majority of local or unestablished Djs get to play here, is that they promote their own events here, by hiring the Club off us & build a following (if they are good enough & willing to put the work in).

All djs at that start up level, have to also be promoters & able to hype themselves via their events, so that they can build a following on facebook initially & show themselves, to be willing to believe in what they do, enough to actually back it themselves.

You can’t expect us to back you if you won’t back yourselves, especially when you haven’t achieved anything yet.

All the big independent nights we host like Soul Jam, Exhale, Lively Up, Pirate Material etc all started with an e mail exactly like the one you have sent us.

Now 2 or 3 years down the line, because they have started at the bottom, initially backed themselves, listened to the advice we have given them & put the work in they are all now top local & in the case of some, national brands.

So that’s the deal – You gotta hustle lads & show us & the paying public that you believe in yourselves & the ability of the music you play & the parties you promote to be successful.

You can ask Clubs for ‘slots’ on established nights, offer to play for free etc., but it’s very doubtful you’ll get any, as all the nights that are already happening, are happening because the djs behind them did as I have said & put the graft in.

That means they are unlikely to invite you in to steal the limelight they have created for themselves, so you gotta create your own.

So there’s no quick fix or way in. The fact some people think there may be is an illusion.

It’s true a hit record on the underground scene can launch a career as Djs like Duke Dumont prove, but they are in a tiny minority & if you are relying on your Dj production skills to cut you that big break in Dance Music, it could be a long, long wait.

I hope I haven’t burst your bubble as my only intention is to not pussy about & tell you it like it is.

You can make it as djs here, but you have to be hustlers too.

If you are interested in finding out more about hiring the Club for your own event, let me know & I’ll get Debbie, our office chimpanzee to send you over the deets for you to look over.

(Editor’s note: Debbie Who..? – ask your Gran)

I assume you have hit up a load of Clubs, so don’t be disheartened if we are the only one to get back with anything meaningful…

That’s just because of the way the Newcastle scene is & the fact that we are the only Dj owned Club in the city & we started out in the mid 80’s just like you are now.

Good luck with all your things lads & I hope you find my advice helpful & inspiring, rather than metaphorical  kick in the teeth!

Cheers Tom.


Together, we’re the future

Original Message – From:  Liam & Luke  – To: WHQ – Subject: New submission from Contact Us

Thanks a bunch Tom! You’re totally spot on with everything said and we are very grateful that you have took the time out to deliver such a detailed response. It has really inspired us and gave us an insight into the whole music scene. We will surely be in touch again after we’ve worked on those factors.

Many thanks!

Liam & Luke.

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Liam & Luke – Subject: Re: New submission from Contact Us

You are welcome lads. T.